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Black Gold

Costa Rican and Guatemalan


Colombian and Washed Ethiopian

Dirty Dark

Colombian Supremo and Guatemalan

Dont Be Alarmed

Decaf Colombian


Costa Rican, Brazilian, Kenya, and Natural Ethiopian


Colombian and Sumatra

It's Electric!

Bali Natural and Kenya

Lake House

Sumatra and Natural Ethiopian

Rashani's Recipe

Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan

Sea Of Tranquility

Decaf Colombian and Brazil

Single Origin

Bali Natural Kintamani

Unique flavors of tropical fruit, jasmine, and a hint of cocoa, all derived from the natural processing method.


Notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and a hint of floral.

Decaf Brazil

Decadent flavors of chocolate and toasted nuts, with a subtle caramel sweetness lingering on the palate.

Decaf Colombian

Nuanced flavors of rich caramel, velvety chocolate, and a subtle citrus zest.

Decaf Mayan

Flavors of dark chocolate, spicy cinnamon, and hints of nutmeg, evoking the mystique of Mayan spices.

Flores Bajawa

This coffee offers a symphony of earthy tones, intertwined with hints of dark chocolate and spice.

Guatemalan SHB

This coffee has layers of cocoa, toasted nuts, and a hint of citrus zest.

Papua New Guinea Timuza

A complex flavor profile, featuring hints of tropical fruit, caramelized sugar, and a subtle earthiness.

Peru Las Damas

Layers of flavor, including notes of caramelized sugar, ripe berries, and a subtle hint of floral essence.


Earthy undertones are complemented by notes of dark chocolate and hints of spice.


Colombian Tolima

Harmonious flavors of caramelized sugar, citrus zest, and a hint of nuttiness.

Honduras Comsa

A delightful blend of caramel sweetness, citrusy notes, and hints of cocoa.

Sumatra Takengon

Deep, earthy notes, hints of tobacco and a rich dark chocolate finish.

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